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Dental Bridges

What Are Your Options with Dental Bridges and Crowns?

The unsightly black line seen at the necks of porcelain to metal crowns and dental bridges is a thing of the past. Today’s technology eliminates the metal and the problem using custom laboratory procedures to make beautiful all ceramic restorations.

Ask your dentist about porcelain crowns and bridges. The procedure takes just 2 visits.

Teeth Whitening

Why Do Teeth Darken?

Teeth Darken for Many Reasons:

  • Aging
  • Drinking stain-causing substances
  • Drinking coffee or tea
  • Using tobacco
  • Use of tetracycline
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Excessive fluoride

Also, discoloration of your teeth can occur during tooth formation.

Ask us how teeth whitening can benefit you!

Sleep Dentistry

Using twilight sleep (Sedation Dentistry) to Prevent Future Dental Problems

Avoiding the dentist can result in the deterioration of your dental health.

When the pain or discomfort becomes unbearable and you have no choice but to seek treatment, chances are you will require extensive restorative work. That means more expenses, more procedures and more time in the dental chair, which only furthers your fear.

Sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as twilight sleep dentistry, relaxation dentistry or dental sedation. That’s become when sedated, you just feel relaxed.

This allows you to be sedated just enough so that you are unaware of the treatment and are pain free.

So, if you have a fear of dentists, sensitive teeth, hate needles or have a bad gag reflex, ask your dentist about sedation during dentistry procedures.

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